Property Renovations - The Independent Option, based exclusively on Aphrodite Resort, Cyprus

Over the last few years, we have been updating, improving, extending and making over more and more properties on Aphrodite Resort, with fantastic results.

Whether you’re looking for a simple, yet stunning redecoration to boost rental appeal, or want to extend your property and give it a full renovation, Enviromotion (’s Renovations subsidiary) have the vision, experience and the skilled trades people to deliver projects to be proud of. This will not only safeguard the condition of your property but will also add tremendous value.

Our Recent Work


Case Study 1 

Villa Agapi

Full property renovation: extension inside & out, new entrance courtyard, extended rooms, new bathrooms, retiling of poolside terrace, new outside bar: increase in property value, transformation of run-down property.

You can see our article about this renovation on the Villa Agapi Renovation blog post


Case Study 2

Villa Demeter

Extended patio, extra bedroom, roof terrace, new BBQ area: increase in property value, immediate uptake in rental bookings and increase in rental income.


Case Study 3

Apartment Pandora

Furniture upcycle, new décor, small budget. Results: modernised aesthetics, immediate uptake in rental bookings and increase in rental income.

Future Proofing Your Home - The Independent Option, based exclusively on Aphrodite Resort, Cyprus

Sustain ability


With energy prices rising exponentially it is important that sustainable energy sources such as solar panels are considered alongside insulation to ensure the shell of your home is as green as possible.

George Iosifidis, General Manager at GreenTec engineering recommends including heat loss measures when planning refurbishments or repairs. “Phasing retrofit can be a more economically viable option for many people,” he says. “For example, if you need to install a new kitchen, extend a property or carry out repairs to the roof, these are excellent opportunities to insulate the walls or install a ventilation system and thus improve low carbon performance and save on energy bills.”

We also specialise in Bioclimatic Pergolas that are designed to regulate the temperature and control sunlight, with internal water drainage, in turn providing an extended modern outside living area for all seasons. <Discover more.>

Adopting Flexible layouts


Remote working and home-schooling during Coronavirus lockdowns and beyond have focused minds on adapting living spaces for different uses.

We believe that when planning renovations in order to future-proof an existing home, the first step is always to look at the space you do have. For example, consider if some additional living/home working space could be created by applying for extra covered area (105 or 60m2, depending on the property) or by removing an internal wall.

You can then consider flexible ways of dividing space. A kitchen counter can work efficiently as a breakfast counter and computer station, if you can route in the plugs. While moveable walls are best integrated into new builds, existing homes can benefit from foldable screens, furniture with built-in partitions and acoustic barriers.

Staying Connected


With tech increasingly woven into the fabric of the home, reliable WiFi is a future-proofing must-have. In an age when lights, thermostats, security systems, surveillance cameras and even refrigerators in our homes depend on a reliable internet connection, a mesh WiFi system is currently the best solution available to eliminate patchy coverage.

Re Search

Property value and rental appeal depends greatly on what buyers in your location want, so we recommend you factor that into any home improvements to keep your home current. For example, bright, modern and uncluttered rental properties have a very broad market appeal.

The most successful renovations retain a property’s original character while opening up the space. With our projects, we always take our clients to talk to an architect, designer and landscape expert first, who know how to renovate an Aphrodite Hills property while being mindful of its Cypriot character. Buyers are sensitive to the soul and layout of a property upon first impression, regardless of the specifics of what they are looking for.

If you are interested in a property renovation, contact us for a free consultation using the form below.

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