Walks in Cyprus – Genesis Aphrodite’s Trail

Walks in Cyprus – Genesis Aphrodite’s Trail


white cliffs and sea views

Googlemap Starting Point: Genesis Aphrodite’s Trail.

Length: Approx 10.5km
Time: Approx 2.5 – 3 hours

A very popular walk that runs between the top of Pissouri Village, near Pine Bay Resort residential area to the ‘Prolimnos Dog’s Beach’ and back. The official starting point is the Dog’s Beach, which is located near Aphrodite Hills Resort (around 6km), however we recommend starting and ending in Pissouri instead; where it’s easier to park and the start of the walk is flatter. This also gives you the opportunity to stop and enjoy the pebble dog beach in the middle of the walk – you could even take a picnic to enjoy there too.

Walking in Cyprus is a real pleasure, especially at springtime and after late summer (July and August is a little hot for hiking, unless you’re good with the heat!). This trail is best known for its views of the white cliffs (Cape Aspro) that run along the coast between Pissouri and Aphrodite’s Rock, the mythological birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. They are simply spectacular, especially against the backdrop of the seemingly never ending, vast Mediterranean Sea shimmering beautifully beyond vision.

Park up just past the Pine Bay Resort residential area in Pissouri where the Genesis Aphrodite’s Trail begins through a brief pine forest that then opens up to flat fields (where there are some horses and often, goats). Follow the flat fields for some distance and keep your eyes peeled for the hiking information board on the right hand side of the path – it is a little tricky to spot and looks like it might take you a little off-piste, but despite appearances it is the correct way to go. The path is easy to follow beyond this point, and ends at the pebble beach known as ‘Dogs beach’ next to the B6 road that runs along the coast between Paphos and Limassol. This is not a circular path, so once you reach this point, it is a case of turning back and enjoying the views for a second time.

A lovely blog that documents the Genesis Aphrodite’s Trail, together with a suggested app for the route, is Discovercyprus.blog.

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