It’s the room where we begin and end our days, asides the bedroom. It’s where our hygiene is taken care of, it’s where we have some rare time to ourselves: ladies and gentlemen, the bathroom. The bathroom is often overlooked and given low priority by property owners, but Aphroditerentals.com are here to tell you, as property management experts, why a modern bathroom is so important.

Is it worth investing in a bathroom renovation? What are the gains?:

Improve relaxation and comfort – these days we want to maximise all of our time so that any break we get, even if it’s just a morning shower, is as relaxing as possible. A zen bathroom break can go a long way to enhancing your overall relaxation mode. In addition, a modern bathroom really adds to the overall ‘luxury’ feel to a property, offering a further sense of general comfort and satisfaction in a home.

Improve your sustainability and energy efficiency – consider updating your appliances during a renovation to make your bathrooms more energy efficient; swap the lights to LEDs (they use 75% less energy), swap your flush mechanism to a more environmentally friendly one (low flow, dual flush, pressure-assist). These changes will also lead to a cheaper electricity bill, as well as being good for the planet.

Increase property value – according to research, a renovated bathroom can increase your property value by around 60%; the more modern the look, the more sought-after your property. According to Big Bathroom inspiration, 80% of people in their poll said that they would pay more for a home with a modern bathroom. Bathroom renovations come second only to new kitchen installations in terms of return on investment, sometimes even topping the polls.

Improve rentability of your property – in the last two or so years a modern bathroom has quickly become one of the most frequently requested items on a rental guest wish list when searching for their holiday rental home.

Improve functionality and flow – make more space and place appliances and fixtures exactly where you want them.

Improve storage space – if you want to include modern units with drawers or small cupboards, or inset wall designs for bathroom products.

From a Holiday Rental Property Perspective:

Tracy, our lovely Reservations Manager, tells us “guests frequently list ‘modern bathroom’ as one of their priority requirements when looking for their holiday rental property. Modern bathrooms comes in as one of the top mentioned items of a guest request, together with modern décor and coffee machines. Gas BBQs and, understandably, comfortable beds are also often highlighted”.

When comparing properties with modern/renovated bathrooms, we note the pattern of them booking out first for high season dates, and generating more bookings overall throughout a year. On the flip side, properties with the most tired looking bathrooms are the last to book out and the least likely to enjoy return guest bookings. It’s not just return guest visits that modern bathrooms encourage, but also better reviews – which are so important these days. One thing is clear; guest standards for bathrooms are high, and quite rightly so.

how to upgrade your bathroom

Now that we’ve tackled the ‘why’, let’s tackle the ‘how’. You don’t have to start from scratch, modernising your bathroom can be done at a variety of levels; from a more modest project involving making some small but significant changes, through to a substantial project involving a full refurbishment. It depends on your budget, your goals and your taste. We have outlined some of the smaller, more modest ideas, with some grander suggestions…

Apartment Bathroom renovation example: apartment avdimou u3:


View Apartment Avdimou here
Renovation carried out by Aphroditerentals.com

Bathroom Upgrade Vs Bathroom Renovation:

There are some simple steps that you can take to modernise your bathroom if you don’t have the budget to do a full renovation, such as:

  • Replacing old tiles
  • Updating existing shower doors / tiles
  • Replacing only the fittings that really need replacing: bathtub, shower, toilet and/or sink
  • Replacing showerheads / mixers / tapware
  • Replacing bathroom countertop
  • Replacing or respraying bathroom cabinets / wooden fixtures
  • New light fixtures – suspended ceilings with spotlights, for example.
  • Replacing the mirror with a new one – backlit bathroom mirrors look great, for example.

Let’s go for it! Rip out the old and treat your home to a full bathroom renovation: new floors, new tiles, new sanitary fixtures, countertops, mirror, lighting. First, work out your budget and how much you’re happy to spend on your bathroom investment, then go for it, you wont regret it! Aphroditerentals.com are very experienced in managing bathroom renovations, from design to shopping around for the best supplies, to arranging contractors – we’ve got you covered. Mindful of your budget we work together with you to create the brand-new bathroom you desire.

Villa bathroom renovation example: junior Villa Melandra (BZ01):


What's hot?


  • Separate standing shower
  • Neutral colours and contemporary finishes
  • Rainfall shower
  • Minimalist style
  • Tiled flooring
  • Heated towel rail


*Installing large mirrors reflect the room and give the impression of larger space. We love backlit lighting that give mirrors a floating effect.
*Go neutral, and if you’d like to incorporate some colour then do so by introducing other tones in your light fixtures, cabinets or tiles.
*Spotlights create a great ambience, look modern and brighten a bathroom proportionately. They’re also very efficient and cost effective.
*Using the same tiles throughout the whole room give it a contemporary feel, and can create an impression of more space.

Why use a property management company for your bathroom upgade/renovation?

At Aphroditerentals.com we know what rental clients are looking for, what’s popular and what the market trends are, where to source the best quality materials for your budget, which contractors will do the best job for each part of the work required. We have the experience, the knowledge and the creativity to make sure that your bathroom project is tailored to your property, and will be a long lasting investment that will pay off in increased rental income, increased property value or, simply, increased pride in your home.

If your bathroom upgrade/renovation includes installation of new cabinets, showers/baths, power points, wash basins, plumbing; these are big jobs and will require a variety of tradespeople that really know their stuff. We’ve already done the research, we know which contractors to use, and where’s best to source materials from. Using our services:

*Saves you time
*Saves you stress
*Saves you disappointment in quality
*Saves you project managing and chasing up contractors and suppliers
*Saves you managing the budget
*Improves project efficiency

Villa bathroom renovation example: Villa Lara (11):


View Villa Lara here
Renovation carried out by Aphroditerentals.com

When is the best time to work on your bathroom project?

Winter. Every time. It’s indoor works so the weather will not affect schedules, and there will be less annoyance to any neighbouring properties if there are any noisy jobs required, particularly if your neighbours rent their property for holiday lets. If you rent your property for holidays then this is the quietest time for bookings so will have the least impact on holiday rental income too.

in conclusion

A dated bathroom can be the biggest disadvantage to a rental property, or to a property for sale on the market, and with some TLC a modern bathroom can really improve your home, in many ways. Homeowners – don’t neglect your bathrooms, you and your property deserve more!

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