Preventative Maintenance – Annual Air Con Servicing

The Importance of Annual Air Conditioning Servicing

Over the years we have gained a vast amount of experience in Property Management, and one of the most important methods that greatly helps home owners keep costs down in the long term, as well and ensuring that comfort, safety and standards are kept high, is Preventative Maintenance.

One of the annual practices that we carry out is Air Conditioning Unit Servicing.


What is the benefit of regular servicing of Air Conditioning Units?


Better Energy Efficiency

Regular servicing of your air conditioning system will help it run more efficiently. Clogged air filters, dirty condenser coils and other problems cause the system to work harder to do its job – which uses up much more energy in the process. An inefficient air conditioning system will undoubtedly increase your energy bill and has a negative impact on the environment. On the other hand, regular servicing will translate into savings on your energy bill and on your conscience.

Longer Operational Life

As with all major equipment, a regular service will extend your systems operational life. There is a limit to how long any model will last, but looking after your equipment with the right amount of care and attention will ensure that you can make the most of your air conditioning system. Remember that one faulty or malfunctioning part can lead to stress on other components. The sooner you fix it, the better the system will operate overall.

Lower Overall Repair Costs

We’ve all been there. Your air conditioning units appear to be operating fine, when – out of nowhere – the entire system stops working, and typically in the middle of the busy, hot summer season. Suddenly, you find yourself in need of emergency repairs which is inconvenient to both you and the guests staying in your property. All too often, these repairs could be managed or even avoided through regular service and maintenance.

When we service your air conditioning system, our technician will check for damaged or worn-down parts and recommend their immediate replacement. Likewise, cleaning components such as the condenser and filters will ultimately extend the life of various parts and put off the need to replace them."

Better Air Quality

If you have any doubts as to whether your system is cleaning the air in your environment, you can simply open up the front panel and take a look at the filter. Unless it is brand new or has been cleaned very recently, you will see plenty of dust built up in the filter. The more dust that builds up, the less effective your filter is at purifying the air that passes through it.

Regular service ensures that your filter is working as well as it should be. This reduces internal deficiencies caused by a build-up of dust and debris, but it also means that everyone inside is breathing cleaner air."


How Often Should I be Servicing the Air Conditioning Units?

The frequency with which you should have your air conditioning system serviced depends on several factors, including the model, how old it is and how it is used. We recommend having your unit serviced at least once per year, depending on the environment and frequency of use.


What is involved in the servicing of Air Conditioning Units?

    • Removal of filters, washing down and cleaning them, including removal of any dirt.
    • Removal of indoor casing unit and cleaning thoroughly, removing any dirt.
    • Cleaning the Indoor coil unit with Anti-Bacterial cleaning solution.
    • Cleaning and removing the drip tray and doing a water test to make sure the pathway is clear.
    • Finding and locating the outside drain where possible.
    • Cleaning the indoor fan scroll, removing any dirt.
    • Checking the outdoor gas charge and condition.


Special Note Regarding Older Units Pre-dating 2015:

Unfortunately, air conditioning units do not last forever, and older units (pre-dating 2015) that are gassed with the older type of gas must be replaced, as this particular gas is no longer used or sold in accordance with the EU legislation to control F-gases.

As Property Management experts we’ve got you covered – we make sure that all of our properties have at least an annual service scheduled, when our trusted, specialist Air Conditioning Technicians assess and carry out necessary checks and works to make sure that your units run efficiently and effectively. We keep records of servicing and when it is carried out, what works have been done or need doing and ensure that your units are maintained by the best experts around. We can also assist you with sourcing and installing new units, when required or if you choose to upgrade. Your property is in safe hands with

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